She’s Got Game

Released Oct 1, 2021

Released October 1, 2021 – Click to watch Lyric Video

Combining a love of the game and music, my second single “She’s Got Game was created over a several years from gym sounds captured on an iphone, a basketball for percussion, and a keyboard .  No matter your gender and whether you enjoy sports or not, we all need a pumped up jam to make us feel like “we got game”

  • Songwriter: Martina
  • Ball Handler & Vocals: Martina
  • Keys & Instrumentation: Martina & Simon Jasieniuk
  • Produced & Mastered: Simon Jasieniuk
  • Recorded at: Beez Neez Recording

When a plan finally starts to come together . . .

Tracking basketball sounds at @beezneezrecording
CLICK to view in studio video
Let the game begin!
Classic basketball sounds = new song idea!!
Sports and music always have one thing in common . . .
the more you practice, the better you get, making you feel grrrrreat!!
So why not combine the two??
Different sounds are calming for different people. Basketball gym sounds always were that, so started capturing them on my phone while watching games.
Cut to a decade later . . . “this symphony’s about to start”
Did you know? James Naismith is credited with inventing basketball, his wife Maude was right there with him and the peach baskets that were first used. Yep “she had game” along with all the others who have been playing since the game started in 1892
Maybe it’s time for a jam of their own?
Do you remember as a kid playing at anything just cause you loved it?
This song took some work, but all along the way, bottom line,
it was FUN!!!
As a writer I love paradoxes. Little Giants. The movie title and storyline truly show the different meanings between “the best” and “your best”.
Hoping this new song will be a reminder, in sports, music, life, same way Icebox was for me.
No matter our gender we all need some pumped up tunes
to make us feel strong.
Fears + Connection = Strength
“If I have to I can do anything. I am strong. I am invincible.
I am women” Helen Reddy 1972
She’s Got Game 2021
Sometimes the cheesiest movies have some real “Gouda” life lessons.
“You can’t win unless you learn how to lose”. Kareem Abdul-Jabar
In the game of life we all have highs and lows, sometimes the balance can seem unfair. It’s how you played that will matter when the clock fades, so leave no regrets.
 It’s 4th quarter countdown time. . .
Sometimes life unexpectedly changes your planned direction in what seems a negative way.  It can become an opportunity to learn new ways, have new experiences, and see life through others eyes.  Its how our souls grow, not resting in the easy, but chasing the possibilities.  
 2 more days until a “impossible for years” becomes a reality.  Hope jamming to it will get you pumped to find your own possibilities! 

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