About Martina

First Release May 2020

“Born in Yorkton and currently based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, songwriter and recording artist, Martina’s music swells of looming emotion that can cut to the heart of any listener. Recorded in January 2020 at Beez Neez Recording in Saskatoon, her lead single “Lightning Strikes Twice” hints of a country pop storm about to wash over the listener. Having a knack for turning painful experiences into beautiful music, Martina evokes sounds reminiscent of early Dolly Parton, Kathleen Edwards and Sarah Harmer. “Lightning Strikes Twice” is true untethered emotion manifesting itself through song. Impressively, Martina is a multi-instrumentalist, playing most of the instruments on the lead single, something that is increasingly rare in today’s scene of music production.” -Lenore Maier, The Garrys

The Journey

At age two, Martina met a lifelong companion – diabetes.  Imagination, making up stories in her head, and singing along in private to anything and everything became early coping mechanisms.  As a preteen, she spent 3 years in organ lessons before life started taking her to the school of hard knocks. With an innate curiosity for how things work, and the healing power of music and writing, she made it through and is ready to give back something beautiful from the darkness.

A short 4 years ago she began exploring several instruments, music theory, tracking and recording sound to bring life to decades of lyrics. Martina celebrated her first live performances fall 2018, and first in-studio recording Jan 2020.  With numerous songs already registered, she is eager to get out to share with everyone, and return to the studio soon.

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